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Welcome to the world of MONSTRO GIGANTO! Take control of one of the four monstros and duke it out against the other player or vs AI in four different arenas. Crafted with all PETSCII graphics with smart and progressively tougher AI, explosive music and sfx besides a generous amount of speech, Monstro Giganto is wrapped up in a challenging gameplay no Commodore monstro can resist!


- Four monsters (with fifth unlocked) to choose from, each with its own unique set of skills.

- Single player mode with progressively tougher AI.

- Two player mode to duke it out against a friend or foe in three rounds fight.

- Hall of Fame (vs AI mode only) for best monstros out there.

- Jukebox with monstro themed music (press SPACE in menu) by Aldo Chiummo.

- Origin Tales, unlockable feature with speech narrated tale of each monstro.

- Help/instructions for a quick game overview.

Please check the included PDF manual for details on rules, controls, unlocking the fifth character and origins besides other helpful details.

The digital version contains Gmod and Easyflash cart files, readme and high resolution PDF manual.


- Monstro_Giganto_gmod2.crt: retail version. Game progress, hiscore table and achievements unlocked are saved onto eeprom. Please use this version on Vice.

- Monstro_Giganto_EF.crt: easyflash version, provided only as a fallback for devices that don't support gmod2. Please use gmod2 version if possible.

Monstro Giganto contains high-quality digital speech that requires a real SID or a modern emulator. Please run the game on a real Commodore 64 or on a recent version of VICE.

Ultimate64 is not supported, unless a real SID chip is installed.


Visit RGCD shop to order a boxed cart version:


The box comes with an 18 page manual with origins comic inside, four pin-button set, postcard and a sticker!

We have spent many months working on this game and we do hope you enjoy it. Proceeds from Monstro Giganto sales are donated to charity so your purchase benefits the good cause. Thank you for your support! ❤❤❤❤


- Game concept and graphics: Lobo

- Code: Antonio Savona

- Music and Sfx: Aldo Chiummo

Thanks to James Monkman of RGCD for extensive hardware testing and support!

Monstro Giganto is © Pirates of Zanzibar 2022 all rights reserved, created and produced by Lobo and Pirates of Zanzibar

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorpirates of zanzibar
TagsCommodore 64, monstro-giganto, petscii


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Not working on my Turbo Chameleon 64 V2s. They don't support gmod2 anyway, but the easyflash image is not working. Which should be supported. I have opened a thread in the icomp forums about this matter

Did get hold of an Excess version that did indeed work on my TC64V2s.

Hi Pirates

The game looks fantastic. I would like to buy a digital copy and put it on a cartridge myself. Any idea how to get gerber files for this gmod2 PCB? I just found out there are few other games using this format. Already did dozens of 16k and Magic Desk carts for my collection, but never tried this one. 




Maybe this can help? https://www.freepascal.org/~daniel/gmod2/

Alternative and easier way would be to just burn the EF if you have one. Cheers!

Yeah, I saw this offer but it’s hugely overpriced. I guess I will just have to skip Mostro Giganto until someone shares circuit designs. Or maybe there is a way of making Magic Desk format image? Sure it will not have high score saving functionality but the rest should fit within 512k chip and it’s a widely used and popular format. Would you consider this?

Have you seen this one? https://github.com/msolajic/c64-uni-cart Dunno about the price but they say the pcb is cheap at least. :D It seems like they have a converter for EF cart to magic desk format but not sure if it’s guaranteed right off the bat to work. Cheers

One last question: what size is the bin file? 




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it's 'great' (the petscii style, not the gameplay so much), but not 8$ great.

Hi Thanks for you comment, we are sure however that the game is great enough to warrant $8, a lot of people have paid much more so far. Cheers.

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it's not about the money, it's about principle. (i have a rule not to pay for a hobby of age-old hardware supplied with software.. this thing should be a hobby by now, you want money? go to steam and sell pc games, but leave the old c64 alone, thx)

Hi, will there ever be another batch of the physical version?


I will check about the new batch of physical releases, hope it happens soon. I will make a post here if that happens. :D

hi, works on THEC64 MAXI ? thx.


Hi, it should work under the ‘classic mode’ where you can try to mount cart file. I don’t have Maxi but it runs some VICE version so it should be compatible with carts.

ok thx

Very cool game! Graphics are top notch; I've never seen anything like this. Definitely worth the money. Keep up the great work!

One problem I had with the sound: I can't seem to find the right settings to get good speech with the Ultimate 64 and an original 6581r3 inside. Sounds great on a stock 64 (with the same SID) and a 64c. I've disabled the addressing for the UltiSids and seem to only have the socket with the 6581  enabled, but the speech still stinks (drowned out by static noise kinda). It does sound different than the UltiSid though, so I figure something else has to be off. If anyone knows good settings for this I'd love to know.

will this run on a 1541 Ultimate II+ and a sdiec? cheers

Monstro giganto is a cart game and U2+ supports mounting of .crt images.

Hmmm, first impression are mixed, on one hand it's a technical marvel that is a truly lovely thing to see...on the other it's horrifically shallow in one player at least, maybe 2 player will be where it's at.

2 player mode is what this game is really designed for. Vs AI does have a progressively tougher AI and unlocked bonus (fifth monster and origin tales besides access to the Hall of Fame) derived in this mode so it serves its purpose but 2 player mode is recommended.